Friday, September 30, 2011

Contestants and all

I completely forgot to tell you guys and dolls about the Miss Africa USA press conference and Pan African festival. Sorry :-(

The contestants and I present our platforms and hung out with each other. We had a blast!!!! They were all beautiful, smart and just overall awesome! Several had foundations to empower other young women, which they incorporated into their platforms. Others were currently modeling, in addition to going to college, like the rest of us. All of us.....completely divalish ambasssadors of our countries.

After recording our platforms for the cameras, we filed out with the founder of the pageant, Lady Kate, to a nearby African festival to assist the emcee and meet other Africans and educate the community about the beauty and diversity of the African people and cultures present.

Overall, the events were a complete success and I cannot wait to meet up with these gals on November 13, 2011. Save the date!

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